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The Large Bintan Map – 2211 x 2000 pixels

Tuesday, September 6th 2011. | News, Articles & Tips

This is a Bintan map. Bintan Island is an island in the Riau Islands province, where there is a city of Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands province capital. The island has two Governments. The City government is located in Senggarang Tanjungpinang and Tanjungpinang, bintan. The Sub-District government is located in Bandar Seri Bintan. Bintan Island adjacent to the state of Singapore.

Here is Bintan Map with size is 2211 x 2000 pixels. You can clearly see the detail of the island of Bintan. Click on the image for a larger size.

Additional information about Bintan
In this area alone there are many Bintan islands, consisting of 241 large and small islands. However, only 49 pieces are inhabited while the rest though not inhabited, but was used for farming especially plantation activities.

The islands are large than bintan island: island Penyengat, Nikoi Island, Island Lobam, Ujan Island, island boat, densely packed island, Pulau Pangkil, karas big island, and many others. But that is quite popular is Penyengat Island.

Districts in Bintan, there are 10 districts, are as follows:

1. Sub-Sub-District of Bintan Pesisir
2. Sub-District of East Bintan
3. Sub-District of North Bintan
4. Sub-District of Mount Deer
5. Sub-District of Mantang
6. Sub-District of Series / Sri Kuala Lobam
7. Sub-District of Tambelan
8. Sub-District Teluk Bintan
9. Sub-District Teluk Sebong

10. Sub-District of Toapaya

Geographical Bintan:
0o6’17 “North Latitude – 1o34’52″ south latitude and 104o12’47 “East Longitude 108o2’27″ West Longitude
Area of ​​Bintan:

Ocean of 86398.33 km2
Mainland 1319.51 Km2
Total Area of ​​87717.84 km2

North, bordered by Natuna regency
South, bordered by the Sub-District Linga
West, borders the city of Batam and Tanjungpinang city
East, borders the province of West Kalimantan

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